Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nashville Nesting

So when will my posts stop rambling on and on about the move to Nashville? Well probably when it finally hits me that I'm a Tennessee resident. A metropolitan dweller. An urban girl, if you will. I have been living here for a week and a half and it still hasn't quite set in that I won't be "going home"... this is my home now.

Get ready Nashville!

Well really more like this:

This is really a view from our apartment! We live in the foothills slightly west of the downtown area, but believe you me, we are still in Nashville. This post is dedicated to a few more views from inside the apartment. I'm not ready to give the whole tour, yet.

Above is my little backsplash project. Instead of hanging each cookie cutter letter individually (thus more holes in the wall), I just hot-glued them to a cutting board. I like that it is all cut up and worn. You can't really tell from the picture, but there is an "M" monogram engraved on the board. Below it are my new(ish) salt and pepper shakers and my chicken/rooster kitchen timer from Everyday Gourmet in Jackson. (I really really wish it would cock-a-doodle-doo instead of ding! or at least bock) I found the shakers at Harpeth Antique Mall near Franklin. They match my wedding china really well... talk about luck. The twine marks the salt because I can never remember which is in which shaker and they look exactly the same, so I always ended up smelling the little holes or pouring a little into my hand. It got old.  A little bow of twine and problem solved.

Here is what the backsplash looked like in Hattiesburg:

Here is our coffee table project:

Josh picked these skinny pallets up behind a Mexican restaurant in Hattiesburg about a week before we moved after I had showed him this project.
 Our plan is to sand it (we just bought an orbital sander -yay new toys!), stain it using the method Sherry from Young House Love demonstrated here to bring out the grain and texture. The middle pallet will be removed and cut up to make separators so there is some storage. Add some little legs to lift it off the floor slightly and BAM... one sexy repurposed coffee table. 

Next we have our plate display:

This hangs above the brand new couch. I made that mirror with my mom and Sis several years ago out of an old window pane they found somewhere. I'm going to sand it down some to make it show it's age (at the time we made it, I didn't like the "aged" look... I was like 14, don't judge) The plates belonged to Josh's great-grandmother, Mamaw Creel. The bird plates are mine from Pier One. They show up elsewhere in the house also.

Here is a close up of the sweet yellow flowers:

Here is a pic of the plate display "in progress." I probably rearranged them a dozen times (notice the yellow one on top that didn't make the cut?). I wanted it to focus more on Mamaw's plates. What spawned the idea was that I wanted to display them since they are so special to us, but we were low on dining room space. And it hit me. Hadn't even thought about it before that moment. I was so set on having a buffet and hutch.

 But the real reason for the following pic is because you can see our beautiful new sofa! We are so proud of it. 

It may not look like much, but it is deep and comfy as if it were made from down [as in goose feathers. semantically weird sentence, sorry],  sleek, clean lines, and once we get some cooler throw pillows (Maybe a soft blue? Buttons will probably be involved. Or lace. I'm on a lace kick), it will change the whole mood of the room. The in-yo-face green isn't really vibe-ing with the subdued color scheme.

We ended up having a very cream/yellow/green color scheme in the living room and I'm digging it. Here is a pic my rosebud end table lamp:

I found these beauts (I have two) at Cracker Barrel of all places. I had a hankering for mashed potatoes one day, and it seemed my options were Cracker Barrel or KFC, so we went to CB. What d'ya know, that little store actually had some really neat home decor items in an "all-white" display area {sounds racist}. I genuinely freaked out when I saw it. They only had one and I really wanted a matching pair so my sweet adoring husband asked if there were any more in the store and there was one more! Hidden in the back those sneaky b-words. Hooray.  They will be getting a shade upgrade. Maybe a linen or burlap drum shade?

Here are is a little serves-no-purpose-other-than-to-look-pretty action:

I picked these crates up at Magnolia Flea Market on Highway 49. I've been eyeing wooden crates at flea markets for ages waiting for my perfect opportunity to pounce. They run anywhere from $25-50 each but I got these guys 50% off. Meaning both of them for 25! 
Displayed are... ('cause I know you care)
  • {Starting from the bottom}: a basket with a ceramic birdie from Marshalls or Ross (it looks like a nest... get it? tee-hee), a couple of small glass bottles I've had for so long I couldn't tell you where they are from, a tall candle I got at Hobby Lobby on sale a long time ago, all on a yellow and while place mat from Target. 
  • {On top of the crate}: on the corner by the fireplace is our Willowtree wedding cake topper. 
  • {In the top crate} are three blue glass jar (also been eyeing these waiting for a good price. They can be pricey if they are on sale at an antique mall/flea market) and the dried bouquet of flowers Josh had for me when he proposed [cue collective awwww]. 
  • {On top} are three classic novels, an iron trivet with a picture of us on top, and a wire gold leaf tree from... you guessed it... a flea market. Those suckers seem to be everywhere. 
  • {And leaning along the left side} is a cinnamon stick broom from Publix.

Moving on.

 I found this fantastic bed skirt at the Franklin Antique Mall. (Catching the pattern?) I usually only buy from flea markets because antique stores are so pricey, but I go there for ideas. This bed skirt was so unique and reasonably priced I just couldn't pass it up. Especially since we don't have one and I was tired of seeing that tacky box spring. 


Also in our bedroom the jewelry cabinet I made from a wooden Coke tray.

Maybe I'll do a step-by-step post later if anyone really wants to know... But basically it is a Coke tray with a picture frame hinged to it with screen door netting hot-glued to the inside of the frame and little cup hooks screwed in the top of the tray. I still want to put a drawer or something at the bottom for my rings. 

Well that's about all I've taken a picture of so far. There are still lots of pictures to be hung, projects to complete, and stuff to settle. 

So stay tuned,