Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY Cloud Puffs

aka tissue paper pom-poms
I did these a while ago, and I just love them so much. They are easy to make, but a little time-consuming.

A close up

A view from the bed

Aren't they magical! 

Want to make your or your kids bedroom a little more dreamy? All you need is some tissue paper (the kind you put in gift bags, not for wiping your nose), scissors, and some sort of string/twine/ribbon/fishing wire. There are a ton of tutorials online, such as this one on Martha Stewart's website.

Here's the gist:
-Stack some tissue paper {6-8 sheets} and cut it to the size you want (I did 3 sizes: The whole sheet, cut in half, and somewhere in between-featured below)

-Fold them accordion style {1-1.5"} (I played around with how big or small the folds were.)

-Cut off the ends in the shape you want, such as rounded or pointed. I learned the hard way that you shouldn't try to cut too many layers at once. Literally broke my scissors.

Doesn't have to be perfect

-Tie your string around the middle.

-I added a step. When you spread the "wings" out to start separating each layer of tissue, It helped me to cut down the middle so there are 4 "petals" to work with.

-Carefully separate each layer.

I did have a good bit of ripping. At least one tear on each pom, but it doesn't really show.

 I found that running my fingers through the folds enabled me to get closer to the center.

-Remember to do half then flip it over to do the other half, otherwise it would be flat-ish on one side. But that might be cute as a table centerpiece.

This project is so versatile. You can use any color or patterned tissue, as big or small as you want. Make a vertical wall of pom poms, or a horizontal stratosphere of cloud puffs.

I even added a little sparkle to a couple of them with the Glitter Blast my mom-in-law got me.

Here are some pictures of poms that other people have made:

As for Valentines Day... I have pneumonia. I haven't been well in a long time, but when I had a consistently high fever the last couple days, I knew it was something more than just a sinus infection. Sure enough, after a chest x-ray, the doc confirmed my suspicions. I then had the privilege of driving myself to 3 different pharmacies because one of my prescriptions is new or rare or something. I was a wreck. At one point my box of Kleenex fell to the floorboard and out of reach, and I just started sobbing. Le sigh. It's hard enough to be sick, but to be sick and alone is even worse. (Josh is still out of town). My mom is supposed to be driving up here tomorrow because she is a gold-star-mom.

I hope you all are well and happy this Valentines Day. 
Take your vitamins.