Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year. New Light.

There is a reason happiness and joy is associated with light, and sadness and gloom with dark. As I pulled back the curtains this morning, something almost magical happened. Suddenly, I wasn't battling the snooze button. A sense of new hope entered the room. I could almost hear the music and see the fairy dust as the morning sun poured onto my fluffy bed and spilled into my heart and soul. 

The light woke me.

It awakened something that had been slumbering deep within me. Hope. Inspiration. Purpose. I was renewed with a sense of fresh beginnings. That's when it hit me: Isn't every morning a fresh beginning? Those slumbering creatures inside me were stirring now and answered with a resounding YES! For so long now, those precious creatures were hibernating in the darkness, and I made no effort to poke them awake. Maybe it was fear, maybe it was lethargy, or perhaps it was indifference, whatever the reason, I couldn't find it within myself to truly hope. It took an outside source to shake them up. Something as simple as a bright, sunny morning and the reminder that my Gob shines upon me. 

I set my alarm to something new this morning. I awoke this morning to the hopeful words of Needtobreathe's song "Slumber." How can you snooze this wonderful song? Please enjoy. 

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