Friday, June 24, 2011

Plans are taking shape

Alright, so here it goes. We have, as of yesterday, applied for an apartment in Nashville and are moving July 14th.

As in, three weeks from now?   YEP!

It is hard to believe that this is actually happening. We are having a yard sale in two weeks to get rid of all our old hand-me-down stuff we no longer want (keeping basically the beds, antique chairs, new rug and lamps, and kitchen stuff). New city, new life, new style = new furniture (or thrifted, but new to us). This makes Haley a very happy wife.

I have been scowering the blogosphere for ideas and inspiration. There are some amazing DIYers out there who are so gracious to share their awesome ideas. Maybe I can be one, too? There will be much DIYing and renovating in my futer (which also makes me very happy). We are stipiing out "stuff" down to the bones and simplifying our life while simutaneously creating the life and lifestyle we have been putting off. Its funny how "stuff" can weigh you down from accomplishing the things you want to do.

Maybe I will post some pics of our current apartment in all its "before the purge" glory.

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