Monday, July 30, 2012

One year Nashversary

July 15th officially marked one year since we moved to Nashville!

We have definitely fallen in love with our city and here's why:
I kid you not when I say there's always something going on, somewhere to go, and someone to see. Nashville has something for everyone. Sure it's the country music capital of the world (or something like that), but I've managed to live here a year without encountering much country music craziness...Sure it's out there, but it's not overwhelming.

As a sort of New Year-in-Nashville resolution, I want to make an effort to get more involved in the community. The Nashville Scene is great about keeping its readers informed about community events, music, theatre, arts, and great dining. Lightning 100 (a local radio station which actually plays great music and restores my faith in humanity) does the same. They also sponsor most community events that are free to the public. Coming from a "city" in Mississippi, I do not take these guys for granted.

In addition to going to more community events, I also want to get involved in a volunteer organization. All through high school and college I volunteered various places (tutoring, animal shelter, habitat for humanity, mission trips) and I truly miss it. It's such a great experience. It is rewarding and challenging, it's humbling and something to take pride in.

I celebrated my Nashversary with these friends (who happen to be from Mississippi) (Josh was out of town) by going to a Nashville landmark bar 3rd & Lindsley to see a great band (who happens to be from Mississippi). Irony aside, it was a fun night.

Here's to the next year!
Stay tuned,

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