Saturday, July 7, 2012

Removing the Temptation of Television

A while ago, Josh and I made the decision to move the TV from our living room. Now it is in the office, and Josh uses it as a monitor to work on video editing. We can still watch Netflix and movies in the office, but with it out of the living room (which is where we spend most of our down time) the temptation to laze around all day/night/week is gone. Now we listen to music, read, talk, cook, I do some projects I've been putting off, Josh works on websites or videos. All in all it has been a positive change for our family. It was hard to admit how easy it is to waste hours sitting in front of the TV and let my mind just melt away when I want to (and should) be more productive. 

Now I feel like I have my living room back! The TV was sitting on top of a black book case where the gold chair now sits. It was big and dark and took the focus of the room. Other new additions are the all-white clock {love} from Target for $7. It's very reminiscent of this one from Crate & Barrel for $50.

Another update is the wooden folding chair to the left of the fireplace. When my sister gave it to me it was a dark green, and under that it is red, and under that it was black. I painted it grey, stenciled it with white (same stencil from my table), and sanded it down a bit to distress it.

So I'm here to challenge you to unplug your TV and see what happens. Try a week, a month... And let me know what changes. Maybe you wont even miss it. With the TV gone, maybe you'll be hearing more from me. 

Stay tuned, 

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  1. Love that chair! Matches your dining room table, doesn't it?