Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Job Discretionary Tale

As some of you may know, I started a new job this week in my new city. I am officially a preschool teacher! Because of the nature of my job, I want to be sure to protect the kids and my school and respect their privacy. However, I will keep you updated on cute little anonymous anecdotes from the day and lessons I've learned from my job and the kids (since we all know that children unintentionally teach you almost as much as you teach them). 

For example: My preschools taught me today that I rely on auto-correct and spell check entirely too much. I got super paranoid about dictating how to spell words for them to write down on paper that their parents will see. {a writing activity: "my favorite move is..."

As in... all flustered and I second guess myself on how to spell words I KNOW how to spell like "despicable"... and a huge inner-dialogue of self-deprication and English phonetic rules run through my head in a matter of me saying "Your favorite movie is Despicable Me? That's a long word. I'll help you spell that"

I'm really thinking. "Seriously kid? Despicable Me? You couldn't have been like your friend Johnny and pick Toy Story? Let's see. D-I-S-picible? No... D-E-spicable. No. D-E-S? Yeah I think so. Visualize the movie. See the poster in your head. It ends in A-BLE. If I could just discretely grab my phone and let it auto-correct me to be positive. Oh my gosh, Haley. You are a college graduate. Don't let this preschooler intimidate you. Get it together!" 

On the flip side. My job can also be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. Shaping these little humans to be kind and honest is our goal. We get to love on them and see their tiny faces light up when we tell them they are doing a good job or that picture they drew is beautiful.
And that kids are pretty darn cute when they are napping.
That's all for now folks. Stay tuned!

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