Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yum Town

Do you like the new look? I found the background at ShabbyBlogs via my friend Mallisa who just started her blog. I still haven't really figured out this template-adjusting biz. Maybe one day. 

I couldn't help but share this delicious treat with you.

A blog I follow called Bakers Royale always has tantalizing recipes popping up on my feed. At a glance, they all seem way beyond my current skill set. (However, that won't stop me from trying.) All summer they have been posting "Cocktail Popsicle" recipes. Yep. You read that right. Cocktail popsicles. 

uh... now that is something I think I can conquer. Here is one that caught my eye today:

I'll allow you to gawk for a moment.
Some examples of their more involved recipes I'd like to take a bite out of (pun) include blackberry cabernet cupcakesnutella pastry pockets and chocolate mousse brownie bites. Sweet tooth much?

In other news: Our DIYing will be pretty minimal for the next few weeks. Since I just started my job, it could be 2-4 weeks until a get my first paycheck (I should probably check on that, huh?), so we are going to play it safe until then. I guess I could walk you through some projects I did before I started the blog, which means I can't show you step-by-step pictures, but I can supplement. 

In the "life update" arena: Josh has been very busy today meeting some pretty substantial musicians (including Taylor Swift's studio drummer). I'm so excited for him. He has waited so long to be in a location where music is a viable and expanding occupation.  

Well basically this post is just to share the happiness of finding that White Sangria Popsicle recipe. Pretty pitiful.

Stay tuned,

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