Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beard Monsters and Chin Faces

The last weekend adventure for August '11 went like this:

Friday I went out with some girls from work. I laughed so hard my face hurt. Josh even met up with us and was such a trooper with a bunch of girls. 
But really, my first night "out on the town" was a lot of fun. And it has made work more fun now that I know some of my co-workers better.

Saturday morning Josh and I went to a big Flea Market that a friend from work told me about. It is held at the fairgrounds once a month. I was surprised how much of it was clothes, jewelry, some food stands (with samples!), prints and posters, perfumes, coin collections, ear candles etc... and not a whole lot of booths with home decor, knick-knacks or old raggedy DIY inspirations. It was HUGE though. We went into 2 buildings and there were numerous booths outdoors. 

{Side Note: Let me just point out how amazing and awesome my husband is because I don't have to "drag him around" to these sorts of things... he really likes going with me. Mostly because he likes to see me happy, but he also has some really cool ideas when he sees something unique or interesting.} 

Our only purchase was this:
Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits on vinyl. 
My dad has this album and I love it, so I had to get my own.
But yeah, that's all we bought.

After our feet were thoroughly achey we decided to get some frozen yogurt from Yogi's, load it up with fruit and granola, and hang out at Centennial Park.

I thought it was cool that the trunk was twisted.

I wish I had my camera out to capture an ambitious squirrel carrying an entire rib bone in his mouth. Someone didn't dispose of their BBQ properly. It was hysterical to witness.

We didn't have a plan when we left the house, but next time we will bring a quilt. It felt like the beginning of autumn. The sky was clear and blue.

Then I decided to make a Beard Monster, but I didn't tell Josh what I was up to. I just put some grass and helicopters in his beard, gave him some directions (Smile! Growl! Frown! Lick your nose!), and snapped my pictures. Giggling all the while. No really... I was cracking up the whole time. 

Josh's reaction to my antics, "What is this nest you have put in my beard?"

Now please enjoy my portfolio of silly Beard Monsters and Chin Faces

At this point, Josh destroyed the "nest" and I yelled "NOOOO! I'm not done." {frowny face}
So I gave up on Beard Monster's hair and just gave him eyeballs.


When I decided I was done, I let Josh see all the pics. I was literally laughing out loud.
Josh was semi-amused.
"My turn!" 

So then I said excitedly, "No! I want flowers as eyeballs!"
And Josh begrudgingly obliged.
I was getting much more joy out of this whole experience than he was. 

I still giggle to myself when I see this one.

All in all, I highly recommend Chin Faces and Beard Monsters. 
Especially if you have lots of little trinkets handy to utilize.
If you are like me, they could provide hours of entertainment. 
If you are like Josh, you can enjoy the fact that your wife gets so much joy out of your contribution of silliness.


Post Script: I'm feeling very aware of my teeth right about now. Please don't scrutinize too closely

The highlight of our Sunday was a nice hike through the blue trail at Percy Warner Park, literally right down the street from us. It was a nice challenge. We were sweating and our hearts were pumping, but it really wasn't difficult. We have since gone one more time, after work no less. I have a feeling that we will be frequent visitors, especially as it starts to cool off. 

Then we came home and did the projects from our previous post.
I'm hoping to get another post done soon about all the neat things we found while we were back home in Jackson.

Stay tuned!

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