Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I'm Digging Lately

First off, this new Pandora station. All my stations kinda play the same type music (chill), such as my nearly-always-playing Death Cab for Cutie station. I changed it up a bit and created a station from The Airborne Toxic Event. 

A few of their songs will come in the mix from other stations, and every time... no really EVERY single time, I think "Man, this song is awesome! Who is this?" I click my phone on and see that some album cover and "The Airborne Toxic Event" and shrug the "Of course it is! I should know this by now" shrug. 

So I created this station and so far I'm loving it. Some of the bands in the mix are Cold War Kids, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Leon, and of course DCfC. For the win. 

Now for some Pinterest action. 
I've been trying to utilize Pinterest more often. Until recently, I just didn't get into it. Not for lack of interest, but rather I just never thought about it. Now I think about it. A lot.

Such as this yummy yellow coffee table. 
Because I think, 'My couch is that color, I have weathered wood pieces, I'm still not sure about the stain for the coffee table... Maybe I could make this work'

And I do so love yellow.

But I also love this house. So much charm!


And because I love built-ins and nook and crannies of all varieties, this caught my eye:

Since I dream of one day having a wrap-around porch, or at least a huge back porch, I have to make these one day! Daybeds.... outside... as a swing?! Perfection! I would lay out here all morning with a book and some coffee.

Speaking of swings, how fun is this?

You know the crates that are in my living room? Well I am always on the lookout for more, because I wanted to stack them and decorate them in one way or another... much like this picture.

Those are some things that I'm digging lately. Follow me on Pinterest to see more (@halesnoels).

Hopefully we can do a project or two today. First priority today is the FAIR! I love the fair. The smells, the absolutely-horrible-for-you food, the cool air. The rides, but they are so dang expensive. 
Maybe I should be a fair owner, they must make bank.
I would insist we travel by railway like the old days.
Like Water for Elephants. You should read the book.

Stay tuned,

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