Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fair Frenzy

The fair is such a nostalgic event.

I remember when we were kids and my parents would take my sisters and me to the fair. We would always get wristbands, and I would ride the kiddie dragon "roller coaster" ride a dozen times in a row. 

I remember that the first time Josh and I met each other's families was because we were going to the Mississippi fair with my sisters and their husbands. 

I love the fair. Call me crazy.

But I love the giant squashes.

(That squash is over 1,000 lbs!)
And I love the ferris wheel.

I love the view from the top of the ferris wheel.

I love looking at this huge contraption and wondering how many trucks they use to transport it.

I love love love sliding down the big slide... 
Especially because you can't use a wristband for the one in MS, and in TN you can.

And because I always win.

I love that feeling in your stomach on rides like the Fire Ball.
And I love watching other people's faces on rides.

I know it is awful, but I love fair food.
{I'll recap for you: roasted corn, funnel cake, chicken on a stick, hot dog, nachos, candy apple, and hand made orangeade.}

I didn't get the red velvet funnel cake but please tell me you had the same "What the...?" reaction. 

I love people-watching as the sun goes down.

I love the petting zoo. Especially the alpacas.

...And the sleepy baby lamb

I love picking up carrot pieces that other people have dropped to feed to the animals.
And sleeping goats (because awake goats are jerks, in case you didn't know)

I love the swings (aka Yo-Yo for some reason)

...At sunset...

...and stretching my arms out like Peter Pan and pretending I'm flying

I especially loved this random bunny exhibit.
Look at that fluff!

And those ears!

And that face!

I love watching the moon come up and the lights turn on.

I love watching families race down the big slide

And I love doing it all with this guy!

Because he loves it too.

We stayed all afternoon and evening. We saw an incredibly entertaining band from Louisiana. We saw a bluegrass band of young ginger siblings. We made a few friends. We ate til our tummies ached. We smiled til our cheeks hurt. We rode rides til... well really til the lines got too long and we didn't want to stand in them. 

It was a huge success.

Also, we have been doing a lot of rearranging and tweaking to our apartment.
Stay tuned,
The Myers

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